In the 21st century global marketplace, businesses must operate at a higher state of vigilance against evolving vulnerabilities. As enterprises move their IT infrastructure towards the cloud, they face constant security challenges in protecting vast information assets from malicious access while providing their end users with convenient and flexible security mechanisms to access, retrieve and share information in a NetCentric environment. On top of this, many websites require users to create and maintain site-specific login information, which is unwieldy and vulnerable to identity theft and attack.”
While some businesses employ cryptographic protocols like SSL/TLS or REST-based point-to-point security solutions, their actual online security is limited. These tools can be used for one-way authentication between two points, but they do nothing to provide assurance of identity.
IDentia is the ideal solution for identity management across the internet. Based on open industry standards and PKI strong authentication, the product provides the highest level of identity trust. Designed to be an integral part of enterprise security systems, IDentia supports federated identity management in a cloud environment, with a minimum barrier of entry.
IDentia is fully scalable, and capable of processing user PKI identification at any level. From large systems to small business application, IDentia will protect event the most sensitive data.
IDentia provides industry leading identity protection and privacy in the cloud. Authorization and authentication are secured through IDentia AS and data is secured with SAML. IDentia can access and transmit user PKIs across the cloud.
IDentia allows users to log-on to multiple accounts simultaneously. The IDentia interface is simple to work with, and requires little calibration. IDentia provides both large enterprises and small businesses with an easy and flexible way to control user access over the internet.
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